Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Run This Town


Hard work seems to be the trending ethic and epithet of our generation. But what people seldom remember 
is that work minus brilliance and sacrifice equals… well simply just “work”. Enter Jeff Johnson. On the 
surface, it seems as if he is only a Mid-West emcee. Moved to Kentucky from St. Croix in 1989 when 
his father was diagnosed with brain cancer; fell in love with hip-hop in California, started putting out his 
own rap CD’s while in High School every year of his matriculation, and till this day he hasn’t stop making 
the music he loves; boasting a catalogue of songs that perhaps will eventually need its own publishing 
company to nurture and protect them.

But Jeff Johnson aka the “Southpaw Outlaw”, whose voice passionately grabs a listener through his 
versatile flow and clever lyrics has recognized that nothing comes to you easily or passively. So for several 
years he has been bringing us the music we love through the virtue of sacrifice; not to mention he has an 
ingenious way of doing it too.

Fused with a passion to vibe with some of the top creative minds of our era and make original music, Jeff
Johnson has worked with such producers as DJ Montay, Joe Traxx, and Los Vegas. In 2009, Jeff released
his debut project entitled “Making My Name” and has been literally doing just that ever since. Believing that
“hip-hop will die without the real DJ”, Jeff has also teamed up with DJ’s around the world to give us several
mixtapes, with 50,000 of them printed and promoted in the southeast. Described as a rapper that can get a
crowd going, Jeff has also performed on the same stages as Akon, Lloyd, Mike Jones, Nappy Roots, Paul
Wall, 112, and Mannie Fresh. It is easy to see that music is Jeff’s Passion. Starting with what he considers
“zero chances” and lack of people believing in him, Jeff is focused on showing the world his sonic art by any
means necessary.

But reaching the masses is no easy feat. However, through his marketing prowess and his unique branding
ability, Jeff Johnson has managed to be heard on over 40 urban/rhythmic stations around the country with
over 1100 MediaBase/BDS Detections. He has graced the covers of magazines and obtained features in
such media outlets as Ozone Magazine to If you get on the Internet and visit his Myspace
page, you will be counted as one of the millions that have entered his Internet space. What is surprising is
that Jeff was able to accomplish most of these things while at the same time studying for a degree at Full
Sail University in Florida.

With today’s technology, making music seems to be the easy part of this business, but getting people to
hear it has always been the artist’s struggle. Jeff has the uncanny ability to find innovate ways and use savvy
business approaches to make sure we all get the chance to hear this “Southpaw Outlaw”. Recently, Jeff
decided to move to Los Angeles to continue on his journey of realizing his full potential as a superstar.
While in the City of Dreams, he is building a fan base through mixtape distribution, performing, building a
street team, and consistently giving us great music and videos that can be viewed on his online publication

Jeff not only works hard. He thinks hard and sacrifices big. And it’s the merger of the three that is allowing
him to not only make his name, but make us listen, make us relate, and make us bop our heads in the

Myisha Cherry

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